IBM’s Quantum Computer

Lately I’ve been experimenting with IBM’s Quantum Experience computer.

This video helps explain a lot about it, but the tutorials it offers is also great.

Based on the tutorials (Here: ) I’ve read and the work I’ve done, as well as the very intense lacking of physics and math education on my part…

I’ve come to some ideas of how a Qubit works…
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Oracle 10 to MSSQL 2012 Server

What you’ll need:

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Erlang Notes on Concurrent Programming

One of the most complicated things I encountered while learning Haskell and Erlang (in particularly, Erlang) had to do with the area server example and understanding it in order to apply it to an homework assignment.

First I watched this video here:

It was extremely helpful in being able to understand the concepts behind setting up a spawned process and referencing it.

Below is the code for the area_server.erl example we (the class) were provided…

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How to install Haskell on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install haskell-platform

MeteorJS Notes

This guide is primarily for my own personal use but may help others who have a similar setup(?).

Meteor Server

  • Starting the server on (a specific port, like 3000 (default), 3001, or 80)
    meteor --port 80
  • If having issues starting up:
    • make sure that the Firewall allows you to listen on that port
    • Make sure that nobody else is already using that port
    • Might need to run
      • $ ps aux
      • kill ##### (PID)
      • of anything that is related to meteor from your own username
      • Also note that port 80 requires sudo

GitHub Notes

GitHub Tutorials

GitHub Tools

  • TortoiseGIT
    Integrates directly into the Windows Shell environment.
    Note: Will need to install a special GIT program, the TortoiseGIT will notify you of this during install though.
    *GIT Note:
    During install, when questioned about PATH, select the second option that DOES modify windows PATH partially, but not completely.

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